Continuous Integration Pipeline Cluster



Cloud bills were starting to get very expensive for the CI pipeline. Power availability onsite prevented the use of man large footprint servers. The project then looked to EbizPC for expertise in creating a solution with Supermicro MicroCloud where the price point for compute and memory were similar to the costs of running a full rack of gear in 6U.


Solution was to create our CI pipeline around the MicroCloud offering from Supermicro. This allowed the CI to take up less rack space and power than the 2U solutions as well as being cheaper to implement than continuing to run the CI on cloud.


Less power usage, less rack space consumption and easier manageability due to having consolidated access to power, switch and KVM functions. The design was so useful we began to offer the solution as a reference design to external customers where they were successful in displacing recent white-box 2U servers in their design for a private cloud. .

  • Testimonial by Brendan Howes

    "EbizPC always gives the best prices on solutions with no hidden costs. Solutions with EbizPC are always solved and where possible access to POC hardware to make sure the solutions work. In addition to the best prices EbizPC has always been able to deliver any quantities (from very small to larger orders) in much less time than other vendors. Machines obtained from EbizPC also have very low RMA rates. "

    Brendan Howes, Senior Solution Architect.

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