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When it comes to the enterprise level of server consolidation, virtualization, backup and datacenter migrations that span a wide spectrum of manufacturers as well as generations of hardware, there’s no room for error. That’s why we build equipment specifically for the intense data demands of the industry. And with eBiz Pc, you don’t just get best-in-class equipment. You get a commitment to continuous innovation and unparalleled support for the life of your project.

Built for Virtualization

Server virtualization enables multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical server. Each virtual machine is completely isolated from other virtual machines and is decoupled from the underlying host by a hypervisor.

Built for Data Center

Focuses on innovations that deliver a constant stream of new ideas, providing solutions with powerful capabilities needed by every business organization.

Built With Racking

Free up your resources, significantly reduce deployment time, and eliminate clutter from unboxing servers by taking advantage of eBiz Pc's turnkey racking and deployment services.

More Benefits

eBiz Pc technologies and laser-focus on video surveillance mean you get solutions that work from day one.

    Built for efficiency

    Intelligent power management monitors and optimizes power usage to reduce energy costs up to 59%.

    Built for value

    Our technological innovations mean our products are guaranteed to work and give the highest performance for the dollar.

    Built for growth

    Our solutions expand easily to accommodate longer retention requirements, more capacity for the growth, increased productivity, and more.

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About eBiz Pc

eBizPC is a leading full service computer distributor in San Jose since 2005. In addition to being a traditional distributor selling parts and components, we also focus in selling high performance, high efficiency server and storage technology from innovative companies like Super Micro, Huawei, ASUS and Dell. We have successfully sold end-to-end green computing solutions to data center, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, high performance computing (HPC), and embedded markets. Our offerings range from complete server, storage, blade and workstations to full racks, networking devices, server management software and technology support and services. We offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and customization by providing what we believe to be the industry’s broadest array of server configurations. We work with our customers to select the optimal solution for their computing needs.

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  • Testimonial by Michael A Salim

    "EBiz PC has been our “go-to” vendor every time, and we have been consistently pleased with the level of service, responsiveness, and pricing. For servers needs, we highly recommend you speak with Steve Shen of EBiz PC and you will not be disappointed. "

    Michael A Salim, CTO @ ADTI.

  • Testimonial by Brendan Howes

    "EbizPC was recently able to enable low level functions in the BIOS for a set of systems we are using. No vendor allowed our engineering team to make requests for BIOS features but EbizPC was able to take our request for several changes to the BIOS to enable some advanced virtualized IO and Direct Cache Access features critical to the performance of 10 gigabit networking."

    Brendan Howes, Senior Solution Architect @ Plumgrid acquired by Oracle in 2016

  • Testimonial by Abby Du

    "Ebiz Pc, Inc. has provided NAS systems for us which improve our working efficiency dramatically, really expertized staff and excellent services, Recommended system builder in Silicon Valley! Thumb up!."


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